About Organization

About Organization

Gavigudet (We are Suffocating) is a civil movement launched in the spring of 2018.

Our goal is to improve the quality of ambient air in the city of Rustavi.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Improve the legislative framework for the protection of the environment and ambient air;
  • Reduce environmental pollution caused by enterprises and its consequences in the city of Rustavi and throughout Georgia;
  • Create a safe environment for health in the city of Rustavi;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and problems in this area;
  • Increase civic activism and civic responsibility in the city of Rustavi;
  • etc.

Our activities have been voluntary for almost 3 years.

Why is air polluted in Rustavi?

The main source of air pollution with particulate matter (PM) is industry in Rustavi. 97% of emissions in the city come from the largest enterprises/polluters.

These enterprises fail to meet the air protection requirements; the vast majority of them do not have filters or waste management plan; industrial process is not in compliance with standards;  the state system of supervision, control and enforcement is faulty, sanctions for violations are too low and disproportionate, green space in the city is insufficient and the level of public awareness is low.

What have we achieved?

The main achievement is that a large part of the society are aware of the biggest problem in the city – air pollution – and this issue is already on the agenda of the government;

  • Our voice has reached the relevant decision-makers;
  • Citizens are involved in the process of solving this problem;
  • Gavigudet (We are Suffocating) is involved in the development of the 2020-2022 Action Plan for the Improvement of Ambient Air Quality in Rustavi, which was approved by the government;
  • Gavigudet was involved in the discussion of air-related legislative changes, which was approved by the Parliament on March 2, 2021.

What do we request from public?

We ask for more involvement and support, as the number of people systematically involved in the activities of Gavigudet and fight for clean air is very low.

Involvement means at least getting detailed information about the essence of the problem, as well as reaching and informing others of the difficult the situation in Rustavi. Once the issue is properly understood, we believe that citizens will become more active, which will accelerate the process of solving the problem of air pollution.