Gavigudet (We are Suffocating) is a civil movement
launched in the spring of 2018

Our team has volunteered to solve the problem of air pollution with its own resources for two years.

In the spring of 2020, we found friends – USAID/East-West Management Institute (ACCESS) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation – and they helped us finance our activities. However, our team members remain volunteers and continue to fight for clean air without any payment, because we are well aware of our responsibilities and believe that sincere public protest has great power.

What We Do?

Why is air polluted in Rustavi?

The main source of air pollution with particulate matter (PM) is industry in Rustavi. 97% of emissions in the city come from the largest enterprises/polluters.

What have we achieved?

The main achievement is that a large part of the society are aware of the biggest problem in the city – air pollution – and this issue is already on the agenda of the government;

What do we request from public?

We ask for more involvement and support, as the number of people systematically involved in the activities of Gavigudet and fight for clean air is very low.